Vinyl Fence

Ready to install a vinyl fence St Louis? Or maybe you’re still doing your research on which vinyl fence company you should choose to install your fence.

Our company installs a lot of vinyl fences in St louis and the Greater St Louis area and it’s not wonder why people choose us to install their vinyl fence. Our installation quality can’t be compared and we also provide vinyl fence repair as part of our repair services

St Louis Vinyl Fencing Options

There are many options when choosing a vinyl fence. There are a number of styles and several different colors to choose from.You can choose to get custom ordered vinyl fencing, or keep it traditional and buy standard vinyl products. Some of the different styles you can choose from are:

  • traditional
  • privacy
  • ranch & lawn rail
  • picket
  • custom orders
  • and more!

And as far as colors go, there are several to choose from but the most common vinyl fence color to choose is white.

We truly do have the best vinyl fence contractors in St Louis. We build amazing fences that ar built with precision and high craftsmanship and we always put the customer first.

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Advantages of Vinyl

  • No maintenance required
  • Strong and durable
  • Can withstand any weather condition
  • Increases property values
  • Lots of options such as fence styles and colors
  • And more . . .

Vinyl Fence Maintenance

Vinyl fencing is popular for several reasons and one of the biggest reasons is that it requires no maintenance. You don’t have to repaint or reapply stain to vinyl like you have to do with a wood fence.

Once you install a vinyl fence, it should last on any property for decades.

Vinyl Fence Installation Cost

How much does a vinyl fence cost to install in St Louis? Well, it’s difficult to answer this question directly because there are so many factors involved such as:

  • Project needs
  • Linear feet needed
  • Fence heights
  • Color options
  • Fence styles
  • Location of the install
  • Custom orders
  • Numbers of gates
  • Etc.

The best way to know how much a vinyl fence will cost on your property is to call us so we can come to you property and offer you a FREE estimate. We will provide suggestions and offer ideas as needed and give you a quote for what it will take for your vinyl fence in St Louis!


Don’t hesitate to call for any of your vinyl fencing needs! Call today!