Fence Repair
St Louis Mo

If you have been searching to “fence repair near me” and live in St Louis, no need to search any more because you’ve found the best company to handle your fence repairs!

We are one of the top companies for fence repair in St Louis and our customers who get repair work done and those who install brand new fences from us love what we have done for them!

A new fence may be ideal, but sometimes it’s a better decision to do a simple repair instead. It all really depends on how extensive the repairs are!

If you’re not sure if you should replace or repair your fence, contact us and we will come out and offer a free quote on the work you want done!

Types of Fence Repair St Louis

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Chain Link
  • Fence post repair
  • Fence gate repair
  • Aluminum, wrought iron, steel
  • and more!

St Louis Fence Repair Services

Repairing your fence Vs. Replacement?

Mending your fence is a smart decision. It’s typically quicker to do and much cheaper for your budget.

Always get your fence repaired if less than 20 percent of your fence damaged, otherwise, we recommend to get a fence replacement.

Wood Fence Repair St Louis

Wood fence repair in St Louis is normal due to the changing weather. Wood is more prone to wear and tear than other fence types, especially if it hasn’t been maintained properly.

We repair many parts of wood fencing such as:

  • Wood fence post repair
  • Wood fence gate repair
  • Power wash chipping paint or debris
  • Re painting
  • Re staining
  • Cleaning
  • etc.

Time to get your wood fence repaired!


Get your chain link repaired today!

Chain Link Fence Repair St Louis

Chain link fencing is meant to last a while because of the strong and durable metal materiel it’s made out of. But that same metal can get rusted over time. 

If there is 10-15 percent rust on any section, we suggest you replace or repair those areas.

We fix all parts of a chain link, whether rusted or broken fence including:

  • All broken or rusted parts
  • Chain link metal posts
  • Chain link fence gate repair
  • Fence post repair
  • etc.

Vinyl Fence Repair St Louis

Vinyl fences need zero maintenance. But if something causes your vinyl fence to break or get damaged, we can help.

We can help fix your vinyl fence. We fix things like:

  • Vinyl panels
  • Post replacement
  • Vinyl fence gate repair
  • Vinyl fence post repair
  • Power washing / cleaning
  • etc.

Repair your vinyl fence today!


Repair your wrought iron fence today!

Wrought Iron Fence Repair St Louis

Ornamental fences aren’t the best fences to tear down and replace unless absolutely necessary due to their cost. It’s better on your money to restore or repair your wrought iron, steel , or aluminum fence unless the damage is extensive.

Rust can also set it over time.

We fix many parts of ornamental fencing such as:

  • Any broken or rusting sections
  • Fence gate repair
  • Welding
  • Rust grinding
  • Power Washing
  • etc.


Get your free repair estimate today!